Tuesday, 25 February 2014

4 Simple Tips to Increase Post Readability

Tips For Post

TIP # 1: Place images
Aside from it being eye-catching and inviting, post images also help break down large chunks of texts into much more digestible parts for the eye. Remember that we human beings are very visual in nature (hence that explains why most people would rather go to the movie theaters than spend a day reading their books).

I honestly forgot the real stats but to further reinforce this, studies (and analytics shows) that readers are 4x most likely to engage and comment in a post with an image on it than that which only consists of plain black and white texts.
TIP #2: Use a light grey background for your post section and dark grey for the text
Do you know why most themes out there are more grey-based than just plain white? Well, aside from aesthetic purposes- there’s actually a useful reason for this. In terms of texts, having a light grey background makes less strenuous for the eyes.

Likewise, same for the texts, it’s much better to use a dark grey color close to black (and not plain black itself. This is because grey (both light and dark) is a relatively cool and relaxing color unlike white background placed in a black text or vise versa. This helps to facilitate easy reading and I’m pretty sure you’ll do your readers a favor even if they don’t realize it.
TIP # 3: Use post formatting to your advantage
Some bloggers are too lazy to do this simple step. It’s relatively easy and it boosts readability a lot. If I were you (and if it suites the post), then go ahead and format headings and subtitles well with <h3>, <h2>, and <h1> tags.

By using this, you can aide the reader from absorbing your main points faster. Instead of the usual numbering, why not use bullets (if you can, customize your bullets!) and even using <blockquote> to emphasize an important paragraph or a line you borrowed from someone else.
TIP #4: It pays to have a steady post length
Readability can also be improved in the long term. Aside from having a good writing style (e.g. funny, engaging, informative, quality etc.), it also pays to have a steady post length to let your readers familiarize well with your entries. For example, DoshDosh dot com may update rarely but this is compensated because he writes long, in-depth entries. Hence, DoshDosh readers are always waiting, eager to read his lengthy posts. On the other hand, there are bloggers like Seth Godin who would update frequently but usually with a very short post length.

While it doesn’t mean you have to forever stick to one regular post length, having a sense of tradition within the way you write (or publish) your posts makes it easier for readers to sync with you (like expecting how much time to devote to your posts or when to wait for the next one).

There is always a challenge in making sure your blog readers would read the entire post...

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