Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Create a Custom Web 2.0 Link Wheel

Basically, a linkwheel is a set of SIX Web 2.0 properties interlinked in a “wheel” structure, all promoting a page on the web which is the focus of that particular “wheel”.

Let me explain, or well, let this image show you.

Create Link Wheel
Link Wheel

Your “focus hub” could example a page on your be ANY page website, or you wish to another Web promote. For 2.0 property.

To expand, you could build a linkwheel like this around a page, and then build a new linkwheel around each of the properties that are in that linkwheel.

For example, in the above image, you would continue building another linkwheel having Weebly and Squidoo etc AS the Focus Hub.

Use of the Linkwheel strategy can bring some serious Google domination implications. For keywords with lower competition you could easily take over the front page of Google.

Web 2.0 Properties

Alright, so those you can post your six above are just a few of the different places content to.

Basically – you can, which does want to post your content to NOT make your outgoing links ANY site where you nofollow.

Some of the popular sites, such as Zimbio for example, puts a “nofollow” tag on the links you put there, which pretty much makes the link near useless in terms of ranking benefits.

You can Firefox check if links are “nofollow” with Aaron Wall's SEO For plugin, for the Firefox browser.


And it's free!

Anyway, Web 2.0 on the next page you'll find a list of some of the other Properties you can and should use.

Web 2.0 sites:

Again, those are just a handful for you to start off with.
So Best of Luck and Create a wheel of your site like above and get some better news about your site in google in some days...

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