Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Link Building is the Key Element Towards Online Success

Search engine optimization is the process of taking steps with your website to make it highly ranked by the search engines for your desired search terms.

The key element in getting a higher page rank is link building. Building high-quality links to your website that appear natural to search engines is one and most important step towards increasing your page rank.
Here are two main reasons:

1) Links make your website get indexed by search engines so they begin ranking your pages        for target keywords. The Higher rank in search engines you have, the more visitors youll get.

2) Links are used by search engines to determine how relevant you web page is to search            terms. By building links from relevant websites, you ensure that your web page gets indexed      and ranked by search engines accordingly.

Typically a link consists of two parts:

1) URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This is the web address of the site your link points to.

2) Anchor text. This is the visible text of the link.

Having the keywords related to your site as the anchor text is one of the key elements of link building and getting a high page rank.

Page Rank Based on Popularity

The web search technology offered by Google is often the technology of choice of the world’s leading portals and websites. It has also benefited the advertisers with its unique advertising program that does not hamper the web surfing experience of its users but still brings revenues to the advertisers.

When you search for a particular keyword or a phrase, most of the search engines return a list of page in order of the number of times the keyword or phrase appears on the website. Google web search technology involves the use of its indigenously designed Page Rank Technology and hypertext-matching analysis which makes several instantaneous calculations undertaken without any human intervention. Google’s structural design also expands simultaneously as the internet expands.

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