Friday, 14 March 2014

Using Twitter to Index Your Blog Posts

In the past few months I have found an active twitter account to be a monster for indexing site pages and posts, usually within minutes. I used to pay for some of the link indexing services out there like Linkalicious, Backlinks Indexer, etc., until I discovered the value of using Twitter to do this for free. So here is how I do it:

Step #1: Manually create a Twitter account, adjust the profile page settings, add a profile picture, change your background, etc. Make it look like a real person.

Step #2: Start following some of the popular Twitter users. This can be niche specific or celebrities, it really doesn't matter.

Step #3: Start posting some tweets on a daily basis. I usually post some generic tweets like "Love this new iPhone" or "Great! Its raining again the sun must be on vacation." Do this for about a week while continuing to follow some more popular users. Basically, you want to artificially make your twitter account look popular.

Step #4: Add a twitter plugin to your site that auto-tweets your new post to twitter every time you publish. I have used several and they all seem to work about the same, you can also use an online service like : feed your blog to twitter which monitors your rss feed and updates to twitter and status net sites as you publish. Instant backlinks!

Step #5: Sit back and watch your posts get indexed in minutes.

For other backlinks, off-site, you could either login manually and post their links into your account, roll your own simple Ubot to login and post the links at certain intervals and I also think there are a few indexing programs out there as well that send them to Twitter, but haven't used any of those. I usually use Ubot Studio for this.

This method has worked very well for me lately but the key seems to be the "popularity" of the twitter account. I tried this method on a brand new account with no previous posts or followers and the results were pretty disappointing to say the least, so I would recommend spending a minute or two each day to tweet something for a week or so and build some followers, then blast away. 

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